Strategic Sourcing as key success factor in business success

Some time ago, I wrote about the Kirkman company, a Dutch based enterprise specialised on strategic sourcing consulting, not only for Purchasing but for any ‘make or buy’ decision. If the concept looks simple, execution is much harder. It’s never easy to ‘cut your own arm’, to fire your own staff, to outsource a piece of your company activity and know-how, especially when you try to anticipate market trends and new opportunities, when you are offensive and not defensive. Then, it’s difficult to stay objective, not to take into consideration some subjective and/or historical factors which seem to bring the rationals you need not to change to way you work.

Although everything is possible,¬† a ‘make or buy’ analysis applied to all the key functions of an enterprise is a tough process which requires to take a step back and look at the subject from a broader perspective. Asking the support of a consulting company, in order to get this step back and also to benefit from a re-usable experience and methodology is a no brainer.

In the 7-page file “Back to your source – The Kirkman company B.V.” I received from Erik van der Meulen, a Business Partner I know at Kirkman Company B.V., you will discover a valuable model, way or working¬† and approach for “make or buy” decision making, applicable for any king of company. You’ll even get a couple of examples to illustrate the kind of projects the Kirkman Co. executed. Additionally, not only is the Kirkman company advising clients but also training consultants from international consultancy firms like Capgemini NL. Their know-how is recognised.

Their approach is robust but most of all, their business mindset is balanced, client and result oriented. This is just my point of view, feel free to get and give yours back.

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