Strategic Sourcing solutions by Gartner

Browsing consulting websites about Strategic Sourcing, I found this week this one, from Gartner. “They can help you no matter what phase you’re in!” they say:

Strategic Sourcing Gartner
  1. Sourcing Strategy: Take a good look at your enterprise and analyze the risks and benefits of sourcing.
  2. Evaluation & Selection: Define business requirements and identify partners that can meet your needs.
  3. Contract Development: Structure a partnership with defined service levels and payment models.
  4. Sourcing Management: Monitor your relationship and react to change effectively.

Gartner is offering to help you achieving different set of objectives as follow:

  • Improve your productivity,
  • Reduce or Contain Costs,
  • Optimize Post-Merger or Acquisition integration,
  • Select a technology provider,
  • Re-bid or Re-negotiate,
  • Evaluate Your Deal,
  • Improve your Relationship with your core-suppliers.

What I appreciated is that for each of those objectives, Gartner has described straightforward (meaning readable!) benefits and approach.
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