How Business buys from Business, in a Digital Marketplace

When I started to work, in 1990, about 20+ years ago, no one had a PC on his/her desk nor a mobile phone in his/her pocket. I’m feeling like a young Dinosaure suddenly. Since then, wow, what a change! I’m sure you’ll all agree. HOWEVER,  I’m not sure you are really conscious of how the Digital Marketplace is affecting the way it works now between buyers and seller.

Interested?  just run and jump on the “BuyerSphere Project” page from Mediative, a Canadian Marketing company, and download the report they produced. Running behind time, then, see below key take-aways Steve Rayson outlined on SocialMediaToday which I agree on :

  • Your company website remains the most used source of information by B2B buyers. Your website must therefore demonstrate authority and credibility and provide the key information that B2B buyers require. See six ways to ensure your B2B website has authority.
  • Industry forums are the most used and most influential social sources of information. You need to participate and build positive relationships by being helpful in these forums. Remember love is the killer app in B2B marketing.
  • Google Plus is the most influential social media channel, hence, you should have a strong presence on Google Plus and contribute to Google Plus communities.
  • Know your buyers. Build buyer personas and make sure you understand the information sources they use and which ones have most influence.
  • Friends and networks are the most influential source of information in B2B buying decisions. Thus building your social networks and relationships must be an essential part of your strategy.



My personal take-away is that the B2B relationship hasn’t taken yet full leverage from the Power and Speed Digital MarketPlace can bring. Why?  Look at the top right corner of the graph: Empty still.



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