Corporate culture & Digital : What’s the trend?

More than we think, Technology is transforming our way of life for ever. Entertainment, Travel, professional and personal life, new generations, all of this is dramatically impacted by Digital and for sure Corporate Culture is not an exception. Since a long time, leaders and Executives have been working on their  “company culture” in a way it would highly differentiate their company from others.

What is Corporate Culture ?

Basically, it’s a set of value, myths and rites. 4 main drivers are highly influencing a business culture:

  • the national and regional culture
  • the founders personalities,
  • the professional education of the employees,
  • the history, the wins and losses of the company

Culture is undoubtedly essential for a company, to be sustainable and  to be efficient. It enables leadership to instil in the blood of the company the ambition and the way to go, to set the baseline for employees to be focused on the same target, to respect each and even to stimulate each other.

As represented in the graphic embedded below, 4 main types of Corporate culture exist, also called the 4Cs:

  • Collaborate
  • Create
  • Control
  • Compete


What is the Trend?

So far the “compete” and  to some extend “control” models were the winning hands, but with the explosion of Digital, “collaborate” and “Create” seam to have higher attraction, especially towards Millennials.

Would you agree – feel free to give me your view in the poll below?





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