Top 5 Supply Strategies (Procuri’s Web Seminar)

Since a couple of years now, Procuri is delivering web seminar in a regular basis. This is a great idea. I believe that distributing and sharing information through internet-based video will become a standard considering the amazing success of VOD (Video on Demand), YouTube and Co. Within 3 to 5 years for sure, describing products or services online with a video – but not only of course – will become a must or simply a competitive advantage. Anyway, the 6th of December, Procuri is hosting a webinar about the top 5 supply-strategies executives said their companies would implement within the next two years:

  1. Improve visibility into timely & accurate spend data,
  2. Impose policy and process changes to ensure compliance,
  3. Adopt technologies to enhance strategic sourcing performance,
  4. Adopt technologies to improve supplier performance management,
  5. Transition to centralized or center-led organizational structure.

Tim Minaham is the one to moderate and promote the event here and has issued on his blog – a couple of weeks ago already –  a nice table relating those 5 strategies to root-issues and appropriate approach to put in place.

Though I feel this is correct, I would put things down a bit simplier, which might be incomplete but in another hand more direct (Dutch style!):

  1. Build your Strategic Sourcing tree with a Spend Analysis tool,
  2. Aggregate spending as much as you can,
  3. Use e-RFx and Reverse Auctions,
  4. Develop framework contracts and reduce Maverick Spends,
  5. Use a contract management tool.

‘Voilà’. To know more about Procuri Webinar, here it is.









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