With already 25 years of experience, former navy man, Aircraft tactician, management consultant,  vertical marketplace CEO, start-up investor, I’m now an international advisor specialised on B2B exchanges and supply chain, passionate in generating value from optimised inter-company collaboration in  a digital world.

All my life, I’ve been exalted by the discovery and conquests of unknown lands, boosted by the transmission and exchange of knowledge between generations, individuals or organisations, and by the rush of super-charged emotion born from teams acting as one in inspiring entrepreneurial environments.

That said, what matters the most to me is the human adventure sustaining any journey, personal or professional , especially when international Cultures collide and enrich from their diversity.

I launched this blog in 2006, initially under the name “Strategic Sourcing Europe” and URL “”. My aim is to share knowledge, meet new persons, new passions and new ideas,  while contributing in shaping the future inter-enterprise relationship mechanisms, called Procurement and supply chain in the 20st Century.

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