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E-future centres. Not an European idea unfortunatly but definitly another great initiave in Western Canada, to promote e-business benefits directly to SMEs. Visit their websites at funded by the ‘Western economic diversification Canada’ and specific to canadian SMEs, they will bring you valuable information to understand where and how to benefit from Internet.

As it is said on their home page: ” At any of the E-Future Centres in Western Canada, entrepreneurs will find valuable e-business information and tools on topics such as web design, Internet marketing, selling online, business-to-business e-commerce, e-business success stories, search engine optimization, and more. Here’s what you can expect at the E-Future Centre in your province: an information-packed web site; friendly, personal service; practical e-business seminars; and, an extensive collection of e-business books and Info-Guides. The best part – most of our services are free! ”

For example, you’ll find on this site 36 free e-business Info-Guides, available in HTML & PDF, that have been created to help small business owners understand e-business and how to take advantage of online business opportunities. The Info-Guides focus on key topics, such as e-business planning and strategy, web site design, Internet marketing, Internet security and privacy, selling online, and business-to-business e-commerce.

Have a look at those 2 info-guides:
E-Purchasing for Businesses.
The web offers professional purchasers a diverse range of online buying forums with varying levels of features, complexity and cost. This Info-guide explores different online purchasing options.
Once your site is live, you may receive visitors and orders from around the globe. If you have never sold your products to anyone outside of Canada before, you will have various questions, such as: “What paperwork do I have to fill out?”; “How do I ship my product?”; “What taxes and duties will be charged?”; and, “How do I receive payment?”

The 36 info-guide documents are listed in the E-business info-guide page.

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