Evaluating E-Procurement Solutions | CAPSRESEARCH

Evaluating E-Procurement Solutions. A CAPSResearch report written by Ram Narasimhan, Srinivas Talluri, et al. in 2003.

The brave new e-world requires different tools and a fresh mindset. Internet and web applications have already changed the global economy and the ways in which organizations conduct business. CAPS’ e-Supply Chain/e-Sourcing Project examines the impact of these applications on purchasing and supply. It seeks to identify how organizations are harnessing the connectivity and information exchange made possible by the Internet. The value propositions of e-markets, dynamic pricing, industry portals, buying process automation, and supply decision support systems are clarified by the CAPS team in the reports below, available for downloading. The e-Supply and e-Sourcing Research Program is ongoing and will generate reports at regular intervals.

Read the Evaluating E-Procurement Solutions report.

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