A Cool Site to find next event to attend: www.goingtomeet.com

Who never dreamt about a place where to find key topics and dates of trade fairs and conferences to come and related to your professional interests? I walked by chance by www.goingtomeet.com, a website where anyone can ‘post an event’ and enabling visitors to search events by keywords. Let’s be honest, the site is far from being perfect and complete, but still, typing ‘sourcing’ or ‘procurement’ returned rather interesting results, and aside information relevant. Have a try. If anyone knows something better, let me know!

Below is how the site presents itself on its ‘about us’ page:

It is your most comprehensive, efficient guide to the most relevant, recent global events.

It tells you what to expect from an event.

It links you to the event’s website, thus letting you know how you may participate in it (e.g. speaker, presentor, exhibitor).

It features who are going to the same event that you’re interested in, and who are speaking in that event. This gives you the opportunity to establish a network with people in the same profession and business.

It allows you to express how you want the next event to be, or how you can learn more from it.

It invites you to share an event you know or an event you’re organizing and helps you promote it.


  1. Michael Lamoureux 5 April 2007
  2. Jean-Philippe Massin 5 April 2007

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