Top 10 KPIs to benchmark your Sourcing & Procurement function performance

In the course of my 15+ years in Sourcing & Procurement, based on my personal experience as well as leveraging market analysts reports, I came to the point of using a set of 14 KPIs to evaluate quickly the maturity of a Sourcing and Procurement function. You’ll find those KPis in the table below as well as Best in Class target and definitions, which I believe complementary to the below previous posts:

My top 10+ KPIs:

  • Savings on Sourced spend
  • Savings vs. total spend
  • Spend under influence
  • Spend sourced per annum
  • Compliance to controled spend
  • Operating cost to spend
  • Average Spend per Procurement FTE
  • Proportion of Strategic +Mgt FTE
  • P2P coverage (% spend)
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction
  • Automated POs
  • Reverse Auctions utilisation
  • Global Sourcing

Let me know if  you see any other KPI that would worth being added to this list.

14 KPIs for Sourcing and Procurement

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