Top 10 Supply Chain strategies for 2007

Thanks to David Bush and his post no pain, no gain…not really, I’ve discovered a GREAT top 10 report issued by SupplyChainDigest: The Top 10 Supply Chain and Logistics Technologies and Strategies for 2007:

“Published in 2007, this is the first annual list of the top supply chain and logistics technologies and strategies for the coming year. The list, from number 1 to number 10, was based primarily on an assessment of the relative “pain to gain” ratios that most companies seem to experience when pursuing each category.”

Though the report definitly worth reading, here are the top 10:

  1. E-Auctions
  2. Labor Management Systems in Distribution
  3. Spend Management Visibility
  4. Demand Management/S&OP
  5. Supplier Portals
  6. Network Optimization
  7. Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
  8. Strategic/Global Sourcing
  9. Wireless in the Warehouse
  10. Yard Management Systems (YMS) and Dock Door Scheduling

For each item the report precises:

  • What it is,
  • Why it makes sense
  • What pain it is to implement + an evaluation of the strengh of the pain!
  • The gain you can get from it

Simple, straightforward, with new concepts -to me-, easy to read: I really enjoyed it!

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