I was right: cc-Hubwoo-Procuri partnership didn’t make any sense

7 months ago from now I was writing on this blog “Even a ‘loose-partnership’ like Hubwoo – Procuri doesn’t make sense to me: interlocutors for e-Procurement are not the same as interlocutors for eSourcing and in general, nobody likes to hear they have to use a specific application here because they have this other application there.” as part of this post. Ariba’s acquisition of Procuri some months ago simply killed the added-value to come and made me right: this partnership didn’t bring any value and has been of no use, at least from a business perspective.

So, what’s next you ask? cc-hubwoo kept its weird name, an M&A aftertaste that anyone might recognise, acquired Intersources (an eSourcing consulting firm) and lately consolidated its core-technology foundation by going back to SAP technology wall to wall.

This sounds good I agree, but doesn’t mean anything really. Indeed, cc-hubwoo’s future is now -mostly – in SAP’s hands and goodwill: either SAP (shareholder and founder of Hubwoo) pushes its customers to use cc-hubwoo, either not, and so far SAP didn’t show any direction. Surprise, Surprise!

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