An e-Tendering|e-Procurement solution, Open Source!

More and more business software are available Open Source. I found this one, named TenderSystem, for e-Tendering and e-Procurement. For sure, I’ll make a trial soon and report my findings here.

TenderSystem is an Internet based electronic tendering system to source, award and manage the total procurement process. This tried and tested technology leverages the age-old principle of supply and demand, through reverse auction, ensuring that products are purchased at the best possible price, at a lower administration and management cost, than any other method.

TenderSystem is released under a dual license, namely TenderSystem Public License (TPL), which is an adapted version of the Mozilla Public License, for TenderSystem OS and a commercial license for TenderSystem PRO that includes additional modules and system support.”

View TenderSystem’s benefits and features.Test the online Demo!Compare TenderSystem OS and Pro.System requirements to install TenderSystem.

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