France 24: the french CNN is live

France entered the international television news market (CNN, BBCworld and Al-Jazira International mainly) yesterday with the launch of France 24 — a round-the-clock network in French and English with a brief to broadcast a different perspective on world events. France 24 is the first french channel broadcasted in English as well as in French and in Arabic (2007). 170 journalists, 30-years-old average and representing 28 different countries, have joined France 24. What a wonderfull and inspiring multicultural staff! Good luck and long-life to France 24!
The AFP (Agence France Presse) wrote:

The french president was heavily involved in promoting the new channel, after he was angered by the prevalence of American and British viewpoints aired on the English-language market-leaders CNN and BBC World in the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

According to a charter signed by France 24’s 170 journalists , the mission of the channel is “to cover international news with a French perspective … and to carry the values of France throughout the world. These values are defined by France 24 as “debate, argument, confrontation, defence of multilateralism, secularism, solidarity, respect, freedom of speech, the art of living, culture, fashion, gastronomy”.

So now, “France 24: New Perspective or propaganda?“. Time will tell.

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