Comparing online traffic on leading eSourcing vendor’s websites (Alexa)

Which eSourcing vendor is the most popular, enjoying the highest online traffic?

I’ve decided to look at Alexa – for a second time – and compare most well known eSourcing vendors’ traffic ranking. Below is the outcome. You have to be aware that some of those Vendors have different platforms available for their customers instead of a unique one (as Eutilia did, for example), which might explain the poor ranking of their corporate website. On another hand, it doesn’t matters so much: the more a vendor can attract visitors on its homepage, the most popular it is (online). At last, get in mind that Alexa ranking isn’t a waterproof reference and should only be considered as an indication.

Compared to the ranking I’ve done 6 months ago, you will notice the progression of BravoSolution (from 12 to 7) and the drop of Emptoris (from 3 to 8). Additionaly, I’ve skipped Eutilia (now liquidated) and added IBX as they have acquired Portum. Just for the sake of it, it is interesting to know that SAP dot com website is ranked 6,077… not playing in the same courtyard obviously.

Alexa traffic Rank (11-06-2007)

  1. Ariba: 190,831
  2. SourcingParts: 434,112
  3. Perfect Commerce: 566,820
  4. VerticalNet: 735,778
  5. Procuri: 847,708
  6. Frictionless: 954,377
  7. BravoSolution(fr): 991,867
  8. Emptoris: 1,201,582
  9. Synertrade: 1.505,609
  10. Portum: 1,816,558
  11. Ivalua: 2.419.690
  12. Iasta: 2,864,470
  13. IBX: 3,080,667


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