2 eSourcing solutions for Euro 10-30K per year

I’ve been lately contacted by 2 eSourcing companies looking for promoting their pricing levels as I was complaining about the lack of transparency of the market. The pricing information I got is not detailed, nor did I get specifics about the financial and operational health of those companies but, as I thought it can be of interested I decided to share that with you.


ExpediSource is American(Alexa not-ranked). ExpediSource enterprise web application does auctions plus user-custom survey, RFI, RFP and contract functions. It is built around a master supplier portal that automates the prequalification process. It includes robust collaboration and notification tools. It is sold as client-specific sites with unlimited usage for less than $40K/year. ” Acuity Sourcing™ is a business unit of Procurement Strategies, Inc. (“PSI”), a woman-owned small business enterprise based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since our inception we have helped large corporations, governments and school districts save millions of dollars and achieve significant operational improvements.(Source: AcuitySourcing)”


ITbid is Spanish, Alexa ranked 756,273. ITbid is a buyer-side eSourcing solution, focused in expense reduction that may be operated as a corporate or departmental application as third party managed. You can discover how ITbid is working watching 4 videos you can find here. Afterwards, if seduced, you can try ITbid by yourself using a free demo-environment with following specificity:

  • Available in English and Spanish; other languages, by request (default language is configurable)
  • All purchasing families/categories are configurable
  • All automatic messages are configurable
  • All text labels may be easily edited/changed
  • Look & Feel is fully configurable

Pricing is 970 € per month for full ASP version. Start-up and user support services is not included in this monthly fee and depend on complexity. 2.200 € one time fee may be considered as a potential basis.

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