eMarketplaces for software development

Those websites (see below) are not really B2B eMarketplaces for software development but could be, somehow, with some additional functionality like a collaborative ‘online specification description” module. It is more a C to C eMarketplace to get your personal website done but I have to say I used them to develop some bits (graphical bits but as well really technical as an ‘integration module with paypal’) for a professional online reverse-auction tool. Price was unbeatable and work was perfect. I’ve been impressed. It’s definitly worth a look and a try. The good places to visit are:

Thereafter is an article I found describing how those websites are working:

” The way these places work is a bit like Ebay in reverse. You post the details of the project that you want done and professional designers will submit their bid to you. This will have a price and time of completion. You can look at previous projects that they have competed and also read reviews that other have posted about working with them. One person might submit a bid to do the project in 10 days priced at $300 and another might do it in 30 days for $700.

You choose who you want to do the work and don’t have to pick anyone if they don’t meet your expectations. Great concept. Something I should mention, if you go with a designer that takes care of registering the domain, make sure before the work starts that its registered in your name. If its not this legally means you DO NOT own it. If for instance maybe one day the designer feels like being an jerk and decides the domain is theirs. Your out of luck unless your under some other sort of contract which most people are not.”

Also make sure you get a copy of the un-encrypted source code. Some designers will give their clients encrypted source code so that you have to come back to them if you want the site updated. If this is the case just find someone else. The net is very saturated with talented designers. “

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