Sources of information about companies and markets

The Information Service Division of the university of Saldford has issued in 2004 (still ok…) a quite interesting paper listing common questions that anyone would have about company|market information and where to get the answers (i.e. internet websites or paper publications). Examples:
– How to find the address of a company,
– How to discover which company supplies a particular product,
– How to trace parents or subsidiaries of a particular company,
– How to learn about the markets in which a companies does business?

Mostly related to Europe, there are however some international information-provider listed. I believe you will discover in this pdf file new service providers and source of information as, for example:
– Kelly’s Directory,
– Hoover’s Online (UK),
– FAME, MergentOnline,
– Infotrac.

It’s not a professional document, but still can help for sure.

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