Six upcoming CSR conferences for you

I’ve been recently informed of six upcoming conferences – mostly in Europe – on corporate responsibility. Here they are:

1) The Global Reporting Summit
– Celebrating best practice and assessing the landscape of CR reporting around the globe.

– 3–4 March, Berlin.

2) Global Anti-corruption, Compliance and Ethics USA 2008
How to effectively develop and manage your corporate compliance and ethics programs
– 14-15 April, Chicago.

3) The Responsible Business Summit 2008
Europe’s largest corporate responsibility conference returns for a 7th year
– 13-14 May, London.

4) The Sustainable Finance Summit
– Understand your market, assess your risks, and go for the right opportunities
23 – 24 June, Brussels.

5) The Green Supply Chain Summit
Taking you from step one to step ten to achieve a green supply chain
24 – 25 June, London.

6) The CSR Partnerships Conference
B2B, BizNGO, MSIs – How to build partnerships that work
26 – 27 June, Amsterdam.

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