Reference Checking in 7 Easy Steps

In this article published on, you shall learn more about the best way to measure a supplier’s ability to provide the services you are looking for: asking references (supplier’s customers experience).

Below are the 7 steps which are detailed in the article I mentioned:

Step 1: Determining What Makes A Good Candidate

Step 2: Start Early

Step 3: Using the Customer Reference Info Form (an example is included)

Step 4: Reject All Incomplete Forms

Step 5: Introducing Yourself on the Phone

Step 6: Ask the Right Questions

  • How long have you been doing business with the supplier? Please describe your relationship with the supplier. Are you generally satisfied with these services?
  • Are all your data warehouse services provided by this supplier?
  • Is there a sub-contractor involved? If so, please describe nature of the relationship between the supplier, sub-contractor, and your company.
  • What services is the supplier providing? (Fill in Yes/No in appropriate column) You can use information on the Reference Account Description Form, but verify it with interviewee.

Step 7: Summary and Scoring

And don’t forget to ask for CSR behavior evidences.

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