Purchasing and YouTube: Myth or Reality?

The success of YouTube on consumers in un-de-ni-a-ble. On businesses however, it is another story and actually… YouTube is not meant – yet – for B2B . Nevertheless, as I am convinced VoD will invade the online B2B-network landscape and space, I couldn’t resist to search what YouTube can currently offer to Purchasing professionals. Guess what: it’s slightly more than nothing. Indeed, searching for ‘purchasing’ videos returns a mess as well as the keyword ‘procurement’. ‘eSourcing’ or ‘eProcurement’ keywords simply returns nada!. But I’ve been successful – I surprised myself – somehow, with ‘supply-chain‘ keyword which returned 39 results from which I consider only 8-10 to be relevant; at last, ‘RFID’ looks really popular with 50+ ‘pretty-ok results’. Back to my ‘supply chain’ search, you’ll find thereafter the most interesting YouTube videos I found, as examples:

Bottom line, my learning is that “the searching capabilities for YouTube’s Videos are not good enough”. It is rather crap I would even say: Searching for a word returns results for synonym – you want it or not – ; you can’t search on tags and the “refine per category” is… nothing but a joke. So, as anticipated, YouTube doesn’t make it – yet? – for B2B videos. Let’s wait and see what it will be in a couple of months from now. This world goes fast.

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