EU Public tenders “Matching your business”

Looking for a website enabling you to identify quickly EU Public RFx|Tenders (OJEC notices) matching your company business? I got many requests from visitors to give an overview of the market on this topic. Soooo, here are the ones I know, their links and some information about each of them. I sorted them out according to their traffic rank., the official website from the EU. TED contains all active notices published in the Official Journal Supplement
Fees/y=Free | Pagerank=5 | Traffic Trank=1.528 | email alert=NO (not found), Kompass has issued a new service “Public tenders”, free for Kompass advertisers
Fees/y=??? | Pagerank=5 | Traffic Trank=8.600 | email alert=??? You need to be a member to get access to this service for free. Lack of price transparency. The traffic rank is taking the benefits of the traffic generated by other services,
Fees/y=276€| Pagerank=6 | Traffic Trank=31.400 | email alert=YES
Other services are included in this membership fee as access to full ‘Business Classifieds’ details, tenders and consulting opportunities worldwide
Fees/y=$500 | Pagerank=7 | Traffic Trank=81.500 | email alert=YES
Limited access to 200 full tender notices per month,
Fees/y=£600 | Pagerank=6 | Traffic Trank=255.700 | email alert=YES is a different brand from TendersDirect, a BIPSolution service, a one-stop-shop for contract information
Fees/y=£476| Pagerank=5 | Traffic Trank=2.525.400 | email alert=YES,
Fees/y=N.A.| Pagerank=5 | Traffic Trank=2.167.900 | email alert=YES
Based on a reseller network with different pricing. Example: 21€ per document or 145€ setup fee + etc…
Can be fully integrated with an intranet or a website is a reselling agent of TED ALERTS (

For this kind of service, it is absolutly key to try them. If the 1) user-friendliness, 2) speed and 3) reliability of the service are not meeting your needs, the service won’t be valuable, whatever the quality of the information provided is. Moreover, all those providers are acquiring their information from the same source, the TED.

If my opinion has any importance, I would go for europages: well established, multilingual, and with a mid-level pricing.What do you think?

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