You Need Expertise for a ‘Make or Buy’ decision? ask the Kirkman boys!

Kirkman CompanyKirkman. Kirkman Company to be precise. Interpellating name, don’t you think?

No, don’t be wrong, this is nothing related to the Start Treck series or James Kirk’s adventures, sorry for the fans. Nothing related neither to the Scottish Church (i.e. the english root meaning of Kirk). So what, huh?

Here is the explanation: “The name ‘Kirkman’ is a reference to the first person who wrote a book exclusively about Sourcing, Marshall Monroe Kirkman.” Hey, that’s A reference!

Originally branded Trekant Partners and founded in Netherlands in 2000 by a triangle (Trekant!) of 3 sourcing specialists – 3 entrepreneurial, inspired-inspiring, ambitious but down-to-earth-modest Dutch guys (Han Hendriks, Cas van Arendonk and Ivar Davids), the company new name (“Kirkman Company”) as well as the designation of Erik van der Meulen – as great as the 3 founders !- to be the 4th Kirkman managing director specifically in charge of internationalisation, is there to suit international ambitions. Good news for non Netherlands-based readers!. By the way, did you ever heard about Mr. Kirkman? Ok, here’s a link.

Kirkman Company is an independent management consultancy organization that specializes in – what they call – Strategic Sourcing: helping organizations make the right choice about what to make, buy or ally. Why Kirkman’s men call Strategic Sourcing is somehow different from my own definition, in sync. with Wikipedia’s definition.

Kirkman’s consultants are developing sourcing solutions that struck the right balance for the client, rather than starting from an ‘outsourcing good, in-house bad’ assumption. They believe that they have to approach sourcing matters (make or buy) strategically rather than tactically.

Kirkman Company’s tried and tested methodology focuses on one thing: enabling you to make and implement the correct make or buy decision for your situation now – and in the future. There are two phases to what we call the Strategic Sourcing Framework: Strategy Definition and Sourcing Strategy and Execution:

Kirkman company approach

Those 2 phases are more precisely detailed there.

At last, it is good to know that Kirkman Company has already gained significant expertise on following domains:

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Communication
  • Facilities
  • Legal & Finance
  • Procurement

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