My Top links about Procurement & Innovation week #7-2007

AMR Reviews the Spend Visibility Landscape | spend analytic vendors are making progress; from Jason Busch

Purchasing News Roundup | nice list of links from ‘purchasing blog’. The one I enjoyed the most is Entrepreneurial Culture Why European economies lag behind the U.S. (from Mr. Phelps, a professor at Columbia University ; 2006 Nobel Laureate in economics)

Strategies for implementing customer innovation | from I recommend this website: “The Innovation Weblog is a meta-index of the latest innovation trends, news, technology, resources and viewpoints. It covers topics including innovation research and best practices and strategies, innovation management, business use of Weblogs for ideation and collaboration, and much more!”

ELP and BrainNet survey on ‘risk’ | Is supply-chain-risk as hot as that?

Country innovators | World Business and INSEAD, in association with BT recently launched the Global Innovation Index 2007 (GII), designed ‘to show the degree to which individual nations and regions currently respond to the challenges of innovation’.

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