Another Global eSourcing player: MFG-SourcingParts

The Manufacturing Marketplace announced (here) it has secured Funding for Global Expansion. The amount is kept confidential. On the other hand, MFG-SourcingParts (the 2 companies merged in 2006) announced as well (there, in french) an impressive growth of 49% in 2006, which means a total revenue of (4M€+15M€)*1,49%=28M€, if my understanding is right (i.e it is 49% of total 2005’s revenue and not 49% of SourcingParts revenue only (4M€)).

This rockets MFG-SourcingParts amongst the top 10 biggest global providers of eSourcing solutions like Procuri, Perfect, BravoSolution, Ariba, I-Faber, Emptoris or VerticalNet…

MFG-SourcingPart has signed 26 new contracts in 2006 and has now subsidiaries in China and India, to accomodate current worldwide globalisation and probably to create a compelling new competitive differentiator.

Definitly, MFG-SourcingParts is worth keeping in mind as a potential eSourcing solution alternative.

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