How much does it cost now to run a full managed reverse auction?

What is still amazing me in the eSourcing and eProcurement world is the lack of transparency of prices. So here is my question of the day:

  • how much does it cost to get a full managed reverse auction?
  • Which pricing model do you know and/or use (fixed-fee, success fee, mixed…)?

Let me start dropping some figures:

  • Eutilia N.V. (currently in liquidation), was – in 2006 – charging €5.000 on average and applying €3.000 minimum. Of course, the amount at stake during the auction was a key driver to set the final price, when this one was not negotiated on a volume basis.
  • In 2003, Ramesh Mehta (Moia CEO since 2002) dropped $1.600 as a single line full managed event price and $2.000 for multi-lines. Read his conversation with Debbie Wilson here.

If I find more information about full managed reverse auction pricing, I will add it later-on here on this post.

What about you? What pricing range are you aware of?


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