Why Catalogue enablement is important

On average an organization/enterprise has:
More than 3,000 indirect suppliers
Not more than 250 catalogs available online through procurement application
Not more than 50% of influenceable indirect spend under control.

Electronic catalogs are enhancing 3 major performance areas:

  • Compliance: Consolidating purchases to preferred suppliers not only saves money, but increases negotiating power,
  • Operation efficiencies : less manual tasks and less sourcing and administrative activities are generating additional cost savings,
  • Requestor satisfaction : The end-user shall see real benefits: an easier, faster, better, cheaper solution to buy. Providing User-friendly Amazon-like one-stop-shop, unbeatable PR  and quality delivery cycle time will  make the users happy and using the right buying channel.

According to the Aberdeen Group, Best-in-Class organisations have:

  • Enabled more than 60% of their suppliers,
  • 80% of their spend under control,
  • more than 70% ($ value) of their buying through an eCatalog, Punch-out or Marketplaces.

In contrast, industry average shows that less than 25% of suppliers are enabled; 15% for the bottom, 30% for Performers.

I usually estimate that for an organization which does not use an eProcurement system with eCatalogs, 25% to 50% of their negotiated savings are leaking through non-compliant processes/prices/suppliers, penalties and missed savings opportunities around invoice reconciliation.

On average the organisation is loosing (25 to 50)% * (Savings in FY). Not neglectable.

Electronic Catalogs are considered as the most efficient buying channel after the ‘hands free’ channel (fully automated).


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