How do you boost an organization’s creative potential?

7 ‘cool-quotes’ extracted from the Harvard Business Review (August 2002) about “How do you boost an organization creative potential?”. Reading them Ithough they applied quite well to Sourcing and Procurement professionals and strategic partners where innovation and creativity is key:

  • Make it the norm – Craig Wynett GM P&G
  • Don’t Fear Failure – Michael Dell, Dell Founder/CEO
  • Experiment Like Crazy – Betty Cohen, TBS Corporate Strategist
  • Innovation Challenges Conformity – James J. Corson HBR May-June 1962
  • Don’t Innovate, Solve Problems – Esther Dyson, EDventure Chairman
  • Outsmart Your Customers – Marcian E. Hoff, CTO FTI/Teklicon
  • Ask “What If?” – Mark Dean, IBM Fellow and VP Systems Research

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