Exploring the future of Supply Management: CPOs are invited to participate

CAPS Research, A.T. Kearney, and the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) are jointly sponsoring a research study entitled “Succeeding in a Dynamic World: Supply Management in the Decade Ahead.” The research will identify trends shaping tomorrow’s business strategies and models and how these will affect the ways that organizations develop, manage, and use supply relationships to deliver increased value and competitiveness.

An important phase of the research is a series of 2-hour conference calls with 4-5 supply management executives per session. In the conference call, participants will have the opportunity to discuss critical supply management issues with their peers and members of the research team. Further, by participating in this comprehensive study, you will contribute to the development of answers to help set strategic direction for supply management and drive change at the executive level in your own organization.

For information about participating in a CPO conference call, contact Debbie Maciejewski.

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