CSR evaluation criteria (a first sample)

In a former post “CSR: A buzz like never before…” I have breifly described the topics covered by CSR. Below is a more extended list – a sample though – of the Economical, Environment, Working environment and Social criteria that would be to assess for a CSR rating purpose:

Economical Criteria

– Company structure and governance

– Financial stability and risk management

– Transparency and reporting practice

– Planning processes

– Performance measurement and monitoring

– Codes of conduct and enforcement

– Corruption and bribery policies and enforcement

Environmental Criteria

– Environmental policy

– Environmental management systems

– Performance measurement and monitoring

– Environmental reporting

Working Environment

– Employee practice and engagement

– Health and safety management

– Human capital development

– Worker satisfaction monitoring

– Remuneration policies

– Knowledge management

– Tolerance and diversity in the workplace

Social Criteria

– Supplier standards

– Stakeholder engagement

– Human Rights policies

– Community and charitable commitments

– Social reporting

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