Corporate Responsibility: Do you know Vigeo, BMJratings or Xcitec?

VigeoThere is an increasing need for corporate responsibility monitoring and management. Everywhere, more and more, it will become a mandatory-standard. Vigeo understood that some time ago and was founded as a limited company under the French law in 2002 and already expanded in Belgium, Morocco and Italy. I guess Vigeo won’t stop there. Initially, Vigeo took over the activities of Arèse, the 1st SRI rating agency in France and developed value-added services around CSR: CSR audit, Sectoral benchmarks and communication toolkits. Today, Vigeo employs 75 persons and benefits from a 4-year experience track record. Already 1500 companies have been CSR evaluated by Vigeo.

Vigeo can help you in following circumstances, using internationally recognised CSR standards:

  • You are you committed to a Sustainable Development strategy,
  • You wish to verify the pertinence and effectiveness of your actions (CSR related),
  • You need to evaluate your CSR approach to improve it or adopt a more in-depth methodology.

Unfortunatly, I haven’t identified how much it cost to use Vigeo services. May be someone knows?

NB: Alternatively, you could consider BMJratings, another European CSR rating provider born from Arèse or Xcitec, a germany based company which supports companies in implementing Corporate Responsibility aspects in supplier management: “The Xcitec® standard software easily integrates into portals and connects to ERP-Systems. Furthermore the Xcitec® standard software supports SAP NetWeaver architecture. Optimize your purchasing through strategic supplier management. Our comprehensive software solution enables you to achieve transparency regarding company-wide purchasing activities, increase your suppliers’ performance and realize cost reduction potential.” Another article from “European Leaders In Procurement Blog” is related to Xcitec, initially a Supplier Management Service Provider: Corporate Responsibility – Suppliers Must Be Monitored.

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