A Professional Virtual Office

If you are a mobile worker, using several terminals (Mobile Phone, PDA, laptop, home desktop, office desktop…), here is a cool online ASP service from ContactOffice: A professional Virtual Office!

Subscribing (for 0 to 50€ a month, depending the package you take) will enable you to access a set of interconnected tools that centralize organizational, communication and collaboration data, through different channels and at any time. These tools include:

  • a calendar,
  • an address book,
  • email,
  • documents storage and exchange,
  • discussion forums,
  • to-do list
  • and other applications that facilitate communication and collaboration (SMS, Fax, Phone features).

All features are detailed here.

Personally, I miss a Word/Excel/Powerpoint-like suite in their offering. But it might just be a question of time…

ContactOffice Group was founded in 1999 by Belgian Internet pioneers: Arnaud Huret, Patrick de Schutter, Luc Claes and Brice Le Blévennec. ContactOffice Group S.A. is an European software publisher specialized in virtual office solutions (ASP or lience).

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