Supplier Scorecard: some nice material online

There is not A way to make a Supplier Scorecard and to measure & monitor your supplier performance, quality and cost profile. If you are looking for some bright ideas to build-up a supplier scorecard for your company, those  links might be useful:

1) The description of SABRe’ supplier scorecards | release 7 (Supplier Advanced Business Relationship) which is the outward facing part of the Rolls-Royce Quality Management System and is applicable to all suppliers who provide products or services that impact upon Rolls-Royce and customer requirements. You’ll find there nice graphs and pictures of the new look & feel scorecards used by Rolls-Royce.

2) JACOBSEN Scorecard Program manual. Jacobsen’s top eighty (80) percent spend suppliers have performance evaluations utilizing the DBI Scorecard & Face-to-Face Review Process as per the details contained within this document . Depending on the supplier’s Performance rating (Preferred, Approved, Probationary) Jacobsen will then Align with its top-rated, preferred suppliers. The template used  by the suppliers to be rated is here and the scorecard-result template there.

3) Supplier Scorecard price comparison from ‘Next Level Purchasing’. A short guide and a free excel template to evaluate suppliers with a multi criteria / multi weight approach.

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