Strategic Sourcing Opportunities Part I: Stationary

I’m initiating a “Strategic Sourcing Opportunity” Series based on the Magic triangle I presented some time ago in the post “Creating Value with Strategic Sourcing“. Purpose is to point out the best well-know opportunities one could think about when rolling down a Strategic Sourcing methodology for 12 specific and common spend-categories: stationary, fax machines, photocopiers, catering, travel, printing, temporary labour, MRO, machining, packaging, chemical and raw material.

To do so, I will simply post a cool-tool for each category I mentioned: an exhibit listing key opportunities in front of the Strategic Sourcing magic triangle, as below:

Strategic Sourcing opportunity: Stationary

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  1. Anna-Maria Voutsinos 20 November 2009
  2. Jean-Philippe Massin 25 November 2009

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