Secrets of E-Sourcing success

A compelling report from AberdeenGroup © 2004 – 68 pages, where the 10 best sourcing practices are explained and analysed.

Aberdeen identified 10 practices that were common among the enterprises negotiating and sustaining the most value through e-sourcing:

    1. Adopt and validate best-in-class strategic sourcing procedures before investing in e-sourcing technologies.
    2. Ensure proper executive and stakeholder support for e-sourcing and dedicate a manager to champion the program.
    3. Develop systems and competencies to make total spending analysis an efficient and repeatable process.
    4. Examine market dynamics, scrutinize supplier capabilities, and define sourcing tools and strategies prior to negotiation.
    5. Clearly define requirements and expectations to both internal stakeholders and external suppliers.
    6. Tap external parties for category expertise and sourcing methods and process support as needed.
    7. Define protocols for assessing proper negotiation tools and techniques for each spend category or sourcing scenario.
    8. Establish channel to communicate e-sourcing strategies and results to all relevant stakeholders.
    9. Align processes, systems, and incentives to ensure compliance.
    10. Adopt procedures and systems to measure internal and external supply performance.

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