Evaluating eProcurement solution benefits

This research report (2003 – from CAP Research) develops a structured, multi-phase, analytical methodology for evaluating alternative e-procurement solutions. The motivation for this CAPS Research focus study stemmed from the observation that procurement executives were reliant on the claims made by solution providers regarding the anticipated benefits and return on investment (ROI) in e-procurement solutions. The investigation revealed that there is a wide variance in the comprehensiveness with which e-procurement solutions are evaluated prior to implementation. It is apparent that potential cost savings are an important consideration in the evaluation. The executives interviewed for this study concurred that
without substantial cost savings and a short payback time period, e-procurement solutions would not receive serious consideration in their organizations, especially in
view of intense competition for scarce organizational resources. However, there was also general agreement among the executives interviewed for this study that a
number of tactical, operational, and strategic considerations were important in properly evaluating available e-procurement solutions. For example, the importance of ease of implementation and use was referred to by the executives as important. In addition, a
methodology that allowed for consensus development among the members of a project team doing the evaluation was also deemed important.”

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