eSourcing: Ariba takes over Procuri’s 300 clients

Right, it’s only my point of view. Anyone can think differently and believe that the value of the merger lies on the synergies of the 2 companies, but I don’t myself, motivated by following arguments:

– The functional coverage of the 2 apps offered by Ariba and Procuri is more or less similar,

– The growth of Procuri compared to the one of Ariba was definitely threatening Ariba’s growth ambitions,

– The value of the transaction – 93M$ – to acquire Procuri is tremendous and goes beyond any kind of innovation strategy. Ariba is wiping-up competition.
However, the business model of the 2 companies is different and the combination of the 2 might be a solution to address a broader market compared to the one where Ariba is currently successful (Fortune 500). It shall enable Ariba to expand its go-to-market strategy and solution-offering, one for high-demanding and complex multinational accounts and the other one – more specialised – for the middle market.

You can read here the official press release, and some interesting bloggers’ point of view there: from Spend matters or from E-Sourcing Forum.


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