eSourcing approach by… Accenture

Below is a chart found on … formerly named CPGmarket website (CPGmarket has been acquired by Accenture in 2005 and is now nicely called, representing an eSourcing approach. If the strategic sourcing pillars are re-used:

  • Knowing what you talk about,
  • Defining priorities,
  • Developing strategies per ‘sourcing groups’,
  • Using e-technology to speed-up selection process, results and to enable continuous improvement

… RFx (eTenders), negotiations (eAuctions), e-contract management and supplier performance management (supplier relationship management) are identified as clear steps to go through.

Empowering Strategic Sourcing programs with technology is now a proven best-practice with amazing cost-savings benefits bottom line…sometimes. Not surprisingly, most of the leading B2B technology providers are trying to cover the whole process as Ariba does for a while now (well, from an internet perspective) and are progressively acquiring niche players to get a clear competitive advantage (as Procuri, SAP and Perfect Commerce).

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