Enporion, now a veteran-owned company…

Enporion was initially a vertical eMarketplace, founded by 7 major US Utility companies ( Allegheny Energy, Inc., Allete, Ameren Corporation, CMS Energy Corporation, KeySpan Corporation, PPL Corporation, and UGI Corporation ) supposed to have enough business traction to make it happen. As we all know now, time for vertical eMarketplace was not yet there and quite early actualy, George Gordon, CEO and Chairman of the company took the right decision to bend the model and turn Enporion as a more general eSupply-Chain enabler (Source to Pay) for all industries, and with a private own technology to mitigate costs and maximize flexibility.

Last week and almost 10 years down the road,  I got a message from George Gordon announcing he acquired the company with his staff from initial founders.  Hoping you’ll join me wishing all the best to the brave Enporion’s team and chief that I’ve been following during a decade,  you’ll find below the current company presentation I took from Enporion’s website:

Enporion, now a veteran-owned company, was founded in 2000 by seven Fortune 500 companies.  In 2009, the Company was acquired by its Chairman & CEO George Gordon who remains in that role and is now Enporion’s largest shareholder. All of Enporion’s employees at the time of the acquisition became shareholders as well.  One founder/customer, National Grid remains  a minority shareholder.

The company has achieved significant growth by focusing on a few key strategies:

  • Delivering significant value to its customers from aggregated purchasing (Enporion Sourced Agreements);
  • Providing software tools and services that allow its customers to focus on improving the efficiency of their own individual supply chains;
  • Developing its own modular software tools, collectively referred to as Supply Chain Manager®, that are offered today in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model;
  • Focusing on operational reliability and exemplary customer care as primary competitive differentiators;
  • Delivering a set of tools and professional services beneficial not only to the gas and electric utility industry, but to other industries as well

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