Difference between eSourcing and eProcurement

Do you really see a difference between e-sourcing and e-procurement?

Some are mixing the 2. I don’t. So let me explain.

E-sourcing involves the strategy development involved in identifying how, where and from whom the right product, or service, can be obtained. It covers those parts of the buying process, which includes knowledge, such as supply-base analysis, spend analysis, specification, request for quotation/e-tender/e-auction and contract evaluation/negotiation/realisation. E-Sourcing is potentially using the internet for spend-analysis, supplier identification, Rfx, auctions and contract management.

Completing the e-purchasing cycle is e-procurement. E-procurement is using the internet to operate the transactional aspects of requisitioning, authorising, ordering, receipting and payment processes for the required products or services.

Sounds good?

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