COUPA, a (might be) killing eProcurement and Open Source solution

Most of the big eProcurement players are struggling for critical mass and attractive pricing. Very few are already cash positive and if so, they have still a long way ahead to recover their initial investment. Those company might not appreciate so much this entrepreurial open source pitch from Dave Stephen, CEO and co-founder of COUPA. COUPA is offering a complete “requisition to order” software solution, open source, for free. The goal of Coupa’s team is to make eProcurement user friendly, really. Exciting isn’t it?

You can just download the V2 from here and install it on your server, or try a demo website first hand. The Open Source Software is available in Windows, Linux, and Mac distributions. Before saying “good job”, let me have a try, but this is definitly a good thing for SMEs.
If you tried it yourself, let me know.

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