Business Contacts Worldwide Without Language barriers Promotes the Establishment of Business Contacts Worldwide Without Language Barriers. An article found on PRNewswire – Germany, April 11 /2006

There’s good news for all businesses that wish to expand their reach and internationalize their activities. A unique B2B contact service is now available at that enables even SMEs to become global players, with professional assistance from International Business Contact. Gone are the days when the search for international business partners was time consuming and in most cases fruitless, because now the new portal provides businesses with an easy way to view worldwide offers in their own language and to contact each other directly via e-mail or web message.

Two types of ads can be placed at Businesses that are seeking long term partnerships or the perfect partner for realization of a specific business concept should use the Business Connections format, whereas goods or services are best advertised via the Marketplace rubric. All ads are translated into the language of the target country of publication and are available for viewing in those countries for a minimum of three months (Business Connections postings are available for six months). The service includes a free membership in the so called Business Club, which provides additional advantages such as priority handling for individual searches.

International Business Contact offers a range of specific services including individual searches, legal advice, making travel arrangements, and translation. The company also provides market and regional analyses of factors that are relevant to specific business decisions, and upon request market entry and marketing strategies can be elaborated as well.


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