cc-hubwoo H1-07 status

End of July, cc-hubwoo released an update on its midyear results. You can find it here but only in french for the moment. From my perspective, the article unveils the following key points:

– 15,9 Meuros Revenue for H1. In line with cc-hubwoo BP, according to thisPress Release. To be honest, I’m quite surprised as the revenue target for 2007 has been announced at 40+ Meuros. How will the gap be closed? consolidating the revenues with Intersources?

– EDF and Michelin, 2 major clients, renewed their confidence to cc-hubwoo and have decided to migrate to SRM SAP cc-buy 4.0 under the ASP model offered by cc-hubwoo.

– cc-hubwoo acquired 5 new customers in H1-07 and looks confident about the stability and robustness of its revenue streams.

– Last but not least to notice: no news about cc-hubwoo’s status on their plan to launch a service for suppliers (supplier network).

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