Ariba Exchange, The Next Hot Web Destination… for Spend Management Professionals

In response to Charles’ Post and question mark a couple of weeks ago, indeed Ariba Exchange is definitly the “next hot destination for Sourcing Professional”. Launched softly in October, Ariba Exchange is the first and unique online community to facilitate discussions among customers, prospects and Ariba’s subject matter experts (SME), embedding videos, polls, group rss feeds, documents or conversations about market trends, complex categories etc…

The goal is to create an engaging platform where Spend Management professionals can share point of views (POV), question marks,  best practices, trends, risks and mitigation plans, opportunities and issues related to spend management, technology enablement and Ariba’s solutions of course. It’s a unique public knowledge-hub, segmented by communities of interest.

Charles was not sure how much this would be plugged to Ariba’s spend management platform… guess what, isn’t knowledge a key component of  a leading and best-in-class Purchasing organisation?

The platform is currently moving through its launch phase and – at this very  moment I’m writing –  already 514 users registered and started discussions. Have a look and get registered, its here and free: Ariba Exchange.

Ariba Exchange

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