Another eAuction Decision tool, provided by OGC

If you still feel uncomfortable deciding or not to go auction, you should use the eAuction Decision Tool, provided by OGC, in order to receive assistance in evaluating whether an eAuction is suitable for an intended procurement.

To access the eAuction Decision Tool click the link below and, if prompted, click on the enable macros button. Please do not attempt to save any information to the eAuction Tool.

eAuction Decision Tool (MS Excel)

If the Decision Tool fails to operate this may be because your Microsoft Excel security setting is too high, and so is prohibiting the use of macros. This problem can be overcome by closing the eAuction Decision Tool and opening up Microsoft Excel. Once open, select the TOOLS menu and click on MACRO, and then SECURITY. In the SECURITY LEVEL tab choose MEDIUM, click on OK, and then close Microsoft Excel. Then reopen the eAuction Decision Tool.

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