An online RFQ service from Kompass

I have no clue when this new – and free! – service has been launched but it’s not more than a couple of month ago. It is definitly a great idea to leverage the information stored in Kompass databases with added value services and to make a static information dynamic. On top of this, as it is free but requires user’s registration, their number of registered visitors will go up as well as Kompass good-will. The way the service works is quite simple once registered (!*), , as explained on their home page:

Kompass RFQ interface ” has been designed to satisfy the specific needs of sourcing and procurement departments. You can contact potential suppliers in 5 easy steps :

  1. Select products
  2. Select source country
  3. Enter additional enquiry details (quantities, deadline, specs. etc.)
  4. Select companies from result list + send request
  5. Display and save details of request “

    * Registration is not executed real time! I don’t believe that…impossible to try it on the fly.
    If any of you have used the service, I’ll be happy to get feedback and comments.

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