A brief about Zycus, direct from India

A couple of weeks ago, I’ve been proposed a brief from Zycus – a global company founded in India in 1998 with offices in US and Europe – about their new solution release: iPlan and iSource. I’ve accepted the webex meeting, as I was curious to hear their sales pitch and to eye-‘touch’ their web2 solution.

A couple of days before the D-day, I received an email explaining how to proceed and… noticed the Indian name of the author. I’ve been hit: globalisation was knocking on my door and it was the first time I felt it so strongly. Although Zycus has a french office, Zycus is conquering the world directly from Mumbai. I’ve been collaborating with Tata 5 years ago to outsource the development, maintenance and support of Eutilia Technology, but in that case the service provided was invisible for the end-customers. Now, I feel things are going one step beyond, targeting directly the final-customer and shortcutting any unnecessary intermediation to expand business faster.

On D-day, I got my brief about iSource, the new Zycus’ web2 eSourcing application build around an ‘old’ soft they acquired from VerticalNet: B2emarkets. B2emarket was the first eSourcing tool I heard about in 1999 and was a reference. I’ve been ‘slideshown’ iPlan as well, an interesting complementary module supporting buyers to build their purchasing strategies, plan and workload. Unfortunately the technology was not available (sic!) at the time I got my brief, so I couldn’t touch the product and feed my curiosity as much as I wanted to. Neither did I get pricing indication… frustrating.

Bottom line, what you should remind is that Zycus is now covering the eRFx and eAuction processes with iSource and iPlan, additionally to their famous spend analysis solution.

Here is an 8-page-pdf excerpt of the slideshow I’ve been through.

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