6 best practices to ensure eSourcing adoption

Another good 20 page white-paper from SAP © 2006 describing 6 easy-to-use best practices and a couple of  tips  to support successful adoption  of  an eSourcing solution. Not rocket science, just basic change-management key success factors used in any transformation project but applied to eSourcing:  Deming PDCA, Simplicity, quick wins and communication…what else?

Whether your organization has already chosen an electronic
sourcing (e-sourcing) solution for procurement or is considering
switching your solution, adoption of the solution is critical to
the success of an e-sourcing program. Organizations investing in
e-sourcing solutions are faced with the challenge of the cultural
changes required to ensure successful adoption throughout the
enterprise. Like many organizations, you may be struggling with
the best methodology for addressing these issues.

  1. Use incentives and mandates,
  2. Customise your training
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Ensure early success
  5. Choose appropriate communications
  6. Track metrics

Link to the “Six best practices for eSourcing” white paper, by SAP

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