SAPPHIRE 2007: SAP e-Sourcing goes on-demand

Each year SAP offers a major opportunity for its customers, partners, consultants, and users, to learn about SAP solutions at its ‘SAP-PHIRE’ event. On April 22 – 25, 2007, executives, business managers, and industry experts have been invited at SAPPHIRE ’07 Atlanta to exchange ideas and explore innovative business and technology solutions. You couldn’t make it to Atlanta? You ca visit SAPPHIRE ’07 Atlanta online for video recordings, audio files, and slides from the press conference, keynotes, presentation sessions, SAP announcements, and discussion forums. SAPPHIRE ’07 Vienna will take place on May 14 – 16, 2007, in Vienna, Austria.

If interested in short, be aware that a factual review of the whole event has been drawn down by AMR research: SAPPHIRE 2007 Round Up: Usability and Flexiblity Take Center Stage. Otherwise, if you need more details, I would advise to read the numerous posts from Jason Busch who was attending and did a great coverage of the event.

To my eyes, the most compelling news is that SAP has decided to go on demand (for e-Sourcing) and to become a SaaS provider. No surprise really about that: SAP acquired Frictionless last year, the SaaS model enables a world-class competitive pricing model. it was just a matter of time. What I understand is that the value of the model has been proven and becomes indeed the one to use to survive and lead the market. SAP is appearing on the market radar screen and could modify dramatically the e-Sourcing market landscape in the 3 to 5 coming years by capturing back its ERP customers that went – so far – with alternative solution provider as SAP was not competitive enough.

SAP unveiled its SAP E-Sourcing on-demand system, aimed directly at the best-of-breed and suite players. In case companies are still in a quandary on what E-Sourcing automation can do for them, SAP is offering the Power Up package. Available for 90 days, companies can test drive a preconfigured system for three events. The product is available to users for $10K and only in the United States.

This is a great opportunity for current SAP customers to try out the SAP on-demand product, and the test-drive option is something most of the best-of-breed vendors in the market have had great success with. The verdict is out and in the hands of the users. Be sure to watch for differences in user interface, optimization engines, spend types, collaboration, and supply performance considerations in the bid set up, use, and so forth.

Source: AMR research


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