Requirements for conducting public procurement using e-tools

A MUST read if you are dealing with Public bodies: ” the requirements for conducting public procurement using electronic means under the new public procurement directives”.

The European Commission has published a document that explains and interprets the rules on electronic public procurement (e-procurement) that are part of the new public procurement Directives (2004/18/EC and 2004/17/EC). The aim is to assist Member States in writing the rules into national law and contracting authorities in implementing them. The document analyses the rules applicable to online communications from a practical and pragmatic point of view. It covers all stages of the contract award procedure that can be computerised, as well as the new instruments and purchase techniques.

The publication of this document is one of the actions envisaged by the ‘Action Plan for the implementation of the legal framework for electronic public procurement’, adopted by the Commission in December 2004.

Content of the document:

1. Introduction
2. Rules applicable to communications

2.1. Electronic means of communication and their use in the procurement process
2.2. Tools for communicating by electronic means
2.3. Integrity and security of data
2.4. Traceability

3. Notices and electronic access to contract documents
3.1. Electronic submission of notices to the Commission
3.2. Electronic access to tender documents by economic operators

4. Electronic reception devices for tenders, requests to participate and plans and projects in contests
4.1. The electronic receipt of tenders and requests to participate in one-off purchases
4.2. The electronic receipt of tenders in the re-opening of competition – the use of electronic catalogues

5. Electronic auctions
5.1. Conditions for the use of electronic auctions
5.2. Information to be provided in the specifications
5.3. Information to be provided in the invitation to submit new prices/values
5.4. Auction device and running of the auction

6. Dynamic Purchasing Systems
6.1. Admission to the system
6.2. Opening for competition of contracts to be awarded under the system

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